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Adding nades


What is "mouse"?


What are the techniques?

Running jumpthrow:
Walking jumpthrow:
Shiftwalking jumpthrow:

Why should I care about tickrate?

For the most part you can ignore the tickrate. Some nades do however use the jumpthrow script.
These nades will produce diffrent results depending on the tickrate. So if your only playing on matchmaking server all nades with 64tick will work fine for you.

But if your playing on faceit, cevo or ESEA only jumpthrow nades with 128tick marked will work for you.


What information do you collect when I sign in with my steam account?

Nickname, avatar, uid to link to your steam profile.

How do I get the verified badge on my profile?


When I sign in I get the message "Your account has been locked"!

If your account has

How do I update my avatar?

To change your avatar go into your Dashboard -> Avatar. The site will check if the current avatar you have here on the site is the same as on steam. If it is you can't do anything. If you want to change it you must log into steam and change it there first. In your dashboard you should then be able to change it to your new avatar. It might take a while from when you update it on steam until it is recogniced by us. A relogg here on the site might help to pull in your new avatar.

Adding nades

How to I add my nade?


How do I create a gfycat?

gfycat.com select Upload and pick your videofile. Remember that it cant be longer than 15s.

How do I find the coordinates for my nade?


Why is my nade "pending"?


Can I add a youtube video or a imgur album?


Tips and tricks for recoding the nade

Usefull commands

Show trajectory and make it abit thick:

sv_cheats 1;sv_grenade_trajectory 1;sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness 0.5;

Hides the hud, but you can still see the weapon and crosshair:

cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1


Zoom in on the crosshair

alias "+zoomin" "fov_cs_debug 35"
alias "-zoomin" "fov_cs_debug 0"
bind "KEY" "+zoomin" //Select a key to bind it to