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Moltov for boostspot middle

Moltov for boost spot.

If you are 2 guys going middle, one can smoke off middle while the other throws this molotov.

Avatar 5b5ac0c602263de006c762535e8d4d007748683f6b362f68dfa9f77395eb537b AlesKee over 3 years ago

works fine without the jumpscript

32baf9abf6583e41d79174e2ebe284399c00ac23 medium sNipn over 3 years ago Admin

Yeah probably does :)
I just use the jumpthrow in case I fuck up :P

At least then I know I'l hit it every time. Even if I get flashed while throwing it.

99017816f376c1dbf3a5f5b157bd4a0f132a1196 medium SyKo- almost 2 years ago

Works well with 128-tick, tested in an offline server.

Added almost 4 years ago.

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