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Long doors from Long car

EN: Prescribe in the console bind "v" "-attack; -attack2;
after aim to the point shown in the video, with your thumb simultaneously press the jump key (space) and the V key.

RU: Прописываем в консоль bind "v" "-attack; -attack2;
наводим прицел как показано на видео, большим пальцем руки одновременно нажимаем на клавишу прыжка (пробел) и клавишу V.

4b58ecf85740f76b6e08f4042c0533d49a92e061 medium ЯШМАЛЬЗОЛОТО! almost 2 years ago

yo, dude!

what is the bind for?

32baf9abf6583e41d79174e2ebe284399c00ac23 medium sNipn almost 2 years ago Admin

Jumpthrow bind, a consistent way of jumping and trowing a nade to make it land the same way every time.

Added almost 2 years ago.