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Bank smoke from A long

Stand in the middle of the door.

Aim at the bottom of the empty space inside the letter A.

8bc45f933264951bc1e5dbd28ce936a8efe2afa1 medium RTSniper about 2 years ago

How did you get your crosshair to autochange and change back?

32baf9abf6583e41d79174e2ebe284399c00ac23 medium sNipn about 2 years ago Admin

You can add this to your config file: (Change X to the button you want)

PS!! Change the first line so that crosshairsize, dot and gap are the same as your own crosshair settings.
alias "-crosshairsmoke" "clcrosshairsize 2.5;clcrosshairdot 0;clcrosshairgap -1"
alias "+crosshairsmoke" "cl
crosshairsize 1337;clcrosshairdot 1;clcrosshairgap 10"
bind "X" "+crosshairsmoke"

Added almost 4 years ago.

Teleport coordinates