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Shadow from tetris

The common method is to bounce a molly off double stack into shadow, however that method is unreliable.

This molotov burns all of shadow and is fairly easy to line up, however you might get caught with a nade in the hand if the player under balcony decides to push, so let your mates cover you.

32baf9abf6583e41d79174e2ebe284399c00ac23 medium sNipn almost 4 years ago Admin

Welcome to the site ;)

I like this one. Lets just hope your buddy is watching for someone peeking you or you might look stupid :P

Defb24e2feeb37602f866c841e84b18c8192a610 medium Ressoul over 2 years ago

You can't go there whitout being seen and even if you could, now there is a wood that makes the bounce even easier, just run and line up with the left border and always will burn all of shadow.

Added almost 4 years ago.

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