Mirage B Apps Window Flash from Apartment

Mirage B Apps Window Flash from Apartment






Mouse left
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This is a flash a few friends and I came up with back in 2015. It is best used for a B rush. It's a little bit tricky to throw it without lining up, but it is possible.

Otherwise, wait for the person throwing to line up and they will lead the charge. You do not have to worry about accidentally flashing your team if they are looking out the barred window as they rush out apartments due to the flash popping right below the window. This flash will flash everyone on site looking at the window except someone looking directing into apartments from truck.

  • Come against the left wall near the broomstick.
  • Line up the wall so you cannot see any of the left side of the wooden doorway
  • Aim right up to the top of the edge of the wall and slightly to the left of the corner of the wall. Aiming right on the edge will cause you to flash your teammates.
  • Run and throw as soon as you can see half of the doorway.
Created May 1. 2020 09:04