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Smoke B Apps One-way on Mirage

27708 views | 0 comments | 5 favorites | December 30. 2016

Abit tricky one-way smoke to pull off.

This is a improved version of TACOs smoke he used agains NaVi in a MLG Final. In his version you can see his feet.

  • Get into the window, hug the windowframe behind you.
  • Get the windowframe and the edge of the door to align up.
  • Aim in the small corner where the carpet and clothes overlap on the floor.
  • Right click.
  • You should now have a pretty nice one way smoke. Should give you at least 1 free kill and you can drop out.

Try this one out on a offline server before you go live :D

PS: Be careful about stepping forwards. As your feet might show trought the smoke.