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[ About CS:GO Nades ]

The story

CS:GO nades was created in 2016 with the goal to gather a large collection of nades, that can be found with very little effort.

I am sNipn, I am an avid CS:GO player and a computer science student. I wanted to be able to find new smokes and teach them to my teamates in a simple way so we could wreck noobs in CS:GO.

As a team, we frequently play with new teammates and sometimes someone does not know how to throw a smoke. Now, with just a link to the nade, they can learn it in a few seconds between rounds and we can get on with our game.

My vision

I wanted to make this site useful for both beginners and experienced players.

If you are new to CS:GO, this site can help you learn the basic grenades that every player should know. Try to blind your enemies with an easy popflash, block off their vision with a nice smoke or set them on fire with a quick molotov. Gain an edge over your opponents, teach new grenades to your teammates and watch yourself rise through the ranks.

If you are already good at the game , try to coordinate a smoke execute onto a bombsite together with your teammates or invent your own strategies with the use of some grenades.

We have awesome features

Key features

Short video showing how to throw each nade.

Images depicting how to line up your crosshair.

In-game teleportation by copying the teleport-code into the console. (Not available for all nades)

Add your own!

Add your own nades to the database and let others rate them and comment on them.