About CSGO Nades

The story

Welcome to CSGONades: Your Go-To Hub for Easy Access to an Extensive Collection of Grenades!

Established in 2016, CSGONades was born out of my passion for Counter-Strike and my drive as a computer science student. As an avid player, I found myself constantly searching for new smokes and wanting to share them with my teammates in the simplest way possible.

In the dynamic world of matchmaking, where teammates come and go, it became essential to have a quick and efficient method to teach essential nades for executing bomb site strategies. That's why I created CSGONades. Now, with just a click of a link, anyone can learn a nade within seconds during rounds, allowing us to seamlessly continue our gameplay.

Join our thriving community and experience the convenience of easily accessible nades, empowering you and your team to execute flawless strategies. Let's enhance our gameplay together and make every round count!

My vision

Discover the Ultimate Grenade Arsenal: Empowering Beginners and Seasoned Players Alike!

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned Counter-Strike player, our site is designed to be your go-to resource.

If you're new to the game, unlock the power of fundamental grenades that every player should master. Blindside your enemies with an easy pop flash, shroud them in smoke to hinder their vision, or unleash chaos with a well-placed molotov.

Seize the advantage, elevate your gameplay, and witness your ascent through the ranks. Expand your skill set by sharing new grenades with your teammates and watch your coordination soar. Together, orchestrate a perfectly executed smoke assault on a bombsite or unleash your creativity by crafting unique strategies using the vast array of grenades available on our website.

Join us today and embark on an exciting journey of explosive tactics, relentless improvement, and unparalleled success!