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Best Grenade Spots for Dust2 - Must Know!

Dust2 is one of the most popular maps in CS:GO. Let's take a look at the essential nades everyone should know to gain an edge on the map.

Dust2 is probably one of the most recognized maps in CS:GO. If you enter a competitive queue, it's a very high chance you will be playing on Dust2. The map is also one of the most beginner-friendly maps with a simple layout. So many new players will be starting their journey into Counter-Strike Global Offensive on this map. So let's jump straight in and see the essential utility you will need to excel on Dust2.

There are many nades to discover on dust2!

This list is my personal favorites, but you can also browse all Dust2 nades to find your own preferrences.

1. Xbox Smoke

Aaah... Xbox. Everyone wants to smoke Xbox. Why? Because there is always an annoying AWP in mid stopping you from going short. So here are two options for you.

Tip: Mouse over the thumbnail and it will play the video.


2. Long Corner Smoke

Why do we throw this smoke? It forces the CT to have to go wide to spot double doors on long. This way, even if he gets the first frag, the follow up has a chance to get them through the smoke when they try to retreat. If the smoke is not present, the CT can get a frag and move behind the wall for cover.

Here are my favourites, but go over to Dust2 nades if you prefer to throw it from T Spawn:


3. A Site, CT Spawn

Almost there, let's plant A site! Nothing can stop us now... Oh, wait... You just got fragged by an AWP while crossing to A-site. You should have smoked CT spawn.
You can just wing this one pretty easily, but you could get caught with a nade in your hand.


4. The Mid to B Smoke

Rush B!? Rush A!!.. Nah... Let's go mid to B instead. Throw this smoke and do a B split. Optionally throw the flash to make life a little easier. It flashes anyone standing behind the door perfectly.


5. B Door Smoke

Recently the skybox in tunnels was removed on Dust2; thrown some smokes through the roof! These are for B doors, but head over to the rest of the dust2 nades and find your favourite ones.


That's it, and you're now a pro! Just kidding, the utility is part of the game, but there is so much more to learn.

If you want to learn even more nades for Dust2, head over to see all the nades for Dust2. Or, if you know a good one, sign in and add it for everyone else to enjoy!

And as always, when playing Dust2, rush B!


Mellet Solbakk