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CS2 Nades Ready to Be Added

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is just around the corner, currently undergoing limited testing and set to be released this summer. With the anticipation building up, we have made significant updates to our website to accommodate the new CS2 nades.

In this article, we'll explore the exciting changes and improvements in CS2, particularly focusing on the elimination of tickrate affecting nade throws between 64 and 128 tick. Additionally, we'll discuss the enhanced functionality we have introduced on our website, including the ability to switch between CS2 and CS:GO game modes and add nades specifically for CS2.

The Elimination of Tickrate's Impact on Nade Throws

One of the major distinctions between CS2 and CS:GO lies in the elimination of tickrate's influence on nade throws within for 64 and 128 tick. This exciting development ensures a consistent outcome for nade throws, regardless of the tickrate. Say goodbye to the frustration of needing to know different variations for competitive and FaceIT games.

Enhanced Functionality

To provide an optimal user experience for both CS2 and CS:GO players, we have introduced several new features on our website:

Switch Between CS2 and CS:GO Game Modes

Seamlessly transition between CS2 and CS:GO game modes directly on our website. Whether you're exploring the new features of CS2 or revisiting your CS:GO roots, our website offers the flexibility to cater to your gaming preferences.

Tickrate Independence for CS2 Nades

Bid farewell to tickrate concerns when it comes to CS2 nades. With this update, tickrate is no longer a factor affecting the outcome of your nade throws. So we have removed the requirement to specify tickrates when adding a CS2 nades, and you will no longer se tickrate as a filter when browsing for nades.

Nade Submission for CS2

As CS2 continues its testing phase, we encourage players with access to the game to contribute to the community's knowledge pool. Share your expertise by recording videos of nade throws on the maps currently in rotation and submitting them on our website. Together, we can build a comprehensive resource of CS2 nades and help players elevate their gameplay.

CS2's imminent release has created a buzz among Counter-Strike enthusiasts, and we are excited to support the community with our updated website functionalities. With the removal of tickrate's impact on nade throws, CS2 opens up new possibilities for precise and consistent gameplay. Embrace the seamless transition between CS2 and CS:GO game modes on our website, and contribute to the growing collection of CS2 nades by submitting your videos.


Mellet Solbakk